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A sales order confirmation number will be given to proceed with payment .

We will contact you once delivery is schedule in October (or earlier) . Thank you.

                                                                                                                     No minimum order required

                                                                                                                     Delivery Fees @ $7 per location

                                                                                                                     FREE Delivery above 10 sets


  Address: 40 Lorong 1 Realty Park S (536958) 

                9am to 4pm (Mon to Sat Only)

                (pls check available collection date)




           Payment can be made by :

           Payable to mobile no.: 9388 9719

           Payee name : Loh Kah Ching 

           Please screenshot success payment and wats app to our hotline @ 9388 0138 .


          Thank you for your patronage .


Commonly Asked Questions for your reference :

1. Can mix the flavour of the noodles?

Ans: No, Anniversary sale is only for 1 ctn huai shan noodles and free other items.

2. Above $100 got free delivery?

Ans: Anniversary set is @ $7 delivery fee, above 10 sets free delivery. If you purchase non promotional items above $100, is free delivery. 

3. Corn Noodles for sale?

Ans: Corn noodles is our new R & D noodles and we are giving it for free for all of our customers to try and feedback before we decide to market it.

4. When is the expiry date for the noodles?

Ans: Best before date for all the noodles are between 01/05/2021 to 01/10/2021. Is a new shipment. 

5. Must keep in fridge?

Ans: Noodles is best to  store in a cool and dry place, if you have space in fridge and wan to put inside , is fine.  

6. When is the fastest we can collect it?

Ans:We will post on facebook for self collection available date and will apps you delivery date once schedule. (estimate date last week in Sept/ early October)

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