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  • Buckwheat is a very rich source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. Fiber increases the bulk of the food and helps prevent constipation problems by speeding up bowel movements through the gut. Fiber also binds to toxins and aid in their excretion through the gut and, thereby help protect colon mucosa from cancers. 

  • Buckwheat has more concentration of minerals like copper and magnesium. Copper is required for the production of red blood cells. Magnesium relaxes blood vessels leading to brain and found to have healing effect on depression and headache.​

  • Buckwheat is rich in selenium and zinc, both of which are essential trace minerals that the body needs for strong bones, teeth, and nails. Buckwheat is very high in iron content, and this is one of the key components in the formation of red blood cells. 

  • Using the double steaming technology, the Buckwheat noodles have a springy and smooth texture, and are wholesome and nutritious, with no preservatives or food coloring.

  • It is suitable for all ages, especially children and elderly. 

  • Joyfull Buckwheat noodles is definitely the best choice of noodles in your daily life.​

  • 荞麦蛋白质中含有丰富赖氨酸成份,铁,锰,锌等微量元素,比一般谷类丰富,而且含有丰富膳食纤维,是一般精制大米的10倍,所以具有很好的营养保健作用。

  • 荞麦中的黄铜成份还具有抗、消炎、止咳、平喘、祛痰的作用。因此荞麦有“消炎粮食”的美称。另外还有降低血糖的功效。

  • 荞麦含有烟酸成分,能促进机体新陈代谢,增强解毒能力,同时还具有扩张小血管和降低血液胆固醇的作用。

  • 樂多多荞麦面选用高品质的荞麦与麦芯粉混合成形,经120度蒸床复蒸两次(普通面是经90度蒸床单蒸的,樂多多面质与普通面的分别在于这独创的特制工艺),高温复蒸可快速锁住荞麦营养成分,令面粉完全熟透,令面质爽滑保持鲜味,复蒸面在蒸炒汤煮后,不糊汤、不泡发、不断条。樂多多荞麦面比一般面质更为爽滑,口感佳、富有弹性、筋道更足,且带有一股荞麦的特有香气。

  • 非常适合大众口味。可做汤面、拌面、炒面、冷面等。人人适合,老少皆宜,有明显清热排毒和帮助消化作用,具有一定保健养生功能,健康营养。樂多多荞麦面品质保证, 老少咸宜,日常好美食。

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Individually packed 

+/-85g per packet 

36 packets  per ctn

Shell Life : 6 - 13months

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