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Malaysia International Food and Beverage Trade Fair 12th Nov 2018
Asia Pacific Food Expo 13th - 18th Nov 2018
优一周不一样的美食展 13th - 16th Dec 2018
Chinese New Year Chinatown 18th Jan to 4th Feb 2019
Singapore Food Fair 21th Mar to 24th Mar 2019
Superfood Asia 24th to 26th  April 2019
Health Fiesta 3rd to 5th May 2019
BW Monastery Vesak Day Charity Sale May 2019
Yummy Food Expo 27th to 30th June  2019
Takashimaya Local Fair  8th  to 16th July 2019
Expo Food Fair 12th to 15th Sept 2019
Asia Pacific Food Expo 21st Nov to 24th Nov 2019
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Chinese New Year Chinatown
2nd Jan to 24th Jan 2020
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